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We at Balaji Darbar are devoted Jagran services provider, Sai Sandhya, Mata ki chowki, Sangeetmayi Sunder Kand Path, Shri Ram Amritwani, and aims to offer the best religious event services in the whole Delhi and NCR region. Jai Shri Ram Bhagat Balaji Darbar has been organizing Balaji Jagrans from long period of time. Over this course of time, we have gained all the involvement , experience and skills to manage different kinds of Jagran & Sunderkand & shanti path events.

Enquire about devotional services in Delhi at +91-8447721563 anytime and one will know the strong management of Shri Balaji Darbar Mandir. Our hard work and devotion over the years have made us one of the most trusted Path, jagran and chowki organisers in Delhi and near by NCR region. We are a professional management which have mission to promote Indian Jai Shri Balaji Darabar ."We have specialty in organizing Sunderkand Path, Balaji Chowki and Bhajan Sandhya, Sai Sandhya, Mata ki chowki, Kirtan, Ram Bhajan, Balaji Bhajan & Balaji Jhanki and many other Ram Bhagat Hanuman events.

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If you need any information related to Hanuman ji Balaji Darbar you can contact us on phone +91-8447721563 or email us at AmitNextera@gmail.com regarding any questions or information related to Balaji Darbar Pooja Aarti and Events.

Hanuman is always ready to help Shri Ram

"Ramji ke sath jo hanuman nahi hote, pure khbi Ramji ke kam na hote"


Hanuman is Extreme Bhagat of Shri Ram so named after it as "Ram Bhagat Ram Dut Hanuman".Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram Jai Shri Ram

-Jai Shri Ram/ Jai Shri Ram


Hanuman saved Lakshman by bringing Sanjivini Parvat, Shri Ram hugged Hanuman & said you are like my brother Bharat.

-Ram Ram Ram/ Jai Shri Ram


Sans sans mae dhadke Ram, Bhajan Bhajan mae Shri Ram, Kan Kan mae ankit Hai Ram aise hai Hanuman ke Prabhu Shri Ram.

-Ram Ram/ Jai Hanuman

Jai Shri Ram Bhagat Hanuman

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You can contact us on phone +91-8447721563 or email us at AmitNextera@gmail.com regarding any questions or information