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Balaji Darbar temple was just a thought and it is a real miracle that balaji Darbar is now fully established and with the help of many devotees ,in temple ,countless types of depictions, portraits , statue and sculpture work is going on in the temple. Shri Ram Bhagat Sankatmochan Hanuman Balaji, and the members of Balaji Darbar giving bless to all those devotees. Shri Sankatmochan Hanuman Balaji’s darbar is so strong that if any devotee will pray and wish with his true heart ,feeling ,mind, his all wishes will be fulfill and his all troubles will be exterminates. This is the real power source of Shri Hanuman Balaji, Shri Balaji Darbar divine life is established here but Shri Hanumanji’s all avatar will be seen here.This Mandir has been very idyllic because it is nearly in center of Delhi which is surrounded by many of Hanuman & Shri Ram Darbars.

Hanuman Love For Shri Ram

Ram Bhagat Veer Hanuman is only one God in universe ”who is Bhagat Shiromani as well as Veer Shiromani”

Ram Bhagat Hanuman is the son of Mata Anjani , Kesari Nandan ,aand the wind god, Pavana. At childhood he was named as Hanuman. The body of Hanuman is as hard as stone; so , Mata Anjani gave his son the name “Vajranga”. His other names included “Mahavir” or the mightiest hero, Ram Bhagat Hanuman as well as Maruti. During his entire life, Hanuman worked many miracles as well as exhibited extraordinary feats of power, strength as well as courtesy. He left behind him a legacy, which is present till today, and continues to wield a great authority over the minds and souls of millions of people.

Ram Vardan to Veer Hanumanji to keep his Soul forever and ever in Supreme and Everlasting Peace! Our website www.balajidarbar.in is a non-profit site and contains a collection of photos, audio Bhajans and texts on Ram Bhagat Hanuman. We added most popular Bhajan/photos/text on Veer Balaji Hanuman that are now openly available to anyone over the Internet. If anyone feel any content including photos/Bhajan/text on this website are objectionable in any manner or of your copyrights then we shall promptly remove it from our website. As our motto for website is just to provide information of Ram Bhagat Hanuman to all people and about our New Balaji Darbar in Delhi , for benefit of mankind. If you believe in Hindu myths and are a follower of the Hindu religion, then you must be believing in the God Ram Bhagat Hanuman and the power and goodness that he confers upon his followers. There are many people who are true believers and followers of Veer Balaji Hanuman and they believe that it is Shri Ram Bhagat Hanuman that would save them when they stuck in situations of great danger.

And in those situations their believe in God Hanuman, and power of Ram Naam helps to serve those people with good solutions.Ram Bhagat Hanuman, the mighty monkey god is among the most popular Gods in the Hindu pantheon. Hanuman ji is general among the vanaras (monkeys), an ape-like race of forest-dwellers. Hanuman is the avatar of Shiva (Bhole Nath)and a disciple of Rama in the fight against the king Ravana and his racksas brothers and sons. The reason of this fight was Ravan Kidnapped Mata Sita when Ram ji was spending Banwas time in jungle.

Ravan changed his roop as a sadhu Bharman who is asking for some Bhiksha from mata sita , and mata sita crossed lakhsham rekha to give bhiksha to Bharman. At that moment Ravan Showed his real character and roop and he kidnapped mata sita in his Divya Rath. Hanuman is an devoted and one of the dearest devotees of Rama, a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana. Veer Hanuman became a legend to the Hindus mainly for his fearless dedication, supreme devotion for Rama and faithfulness for Paramatma Rama and Mata Sita. He is known as Ram Bhakt Hanuman because of his committed loyalty to Shree Ram. Shri Ram and Hanuman and King Sugriv Sena helped Ram to kill Ravan and destroy his kingdom. And in last Ravan was killed by Shri Ram and there was so beautiful moment when Ram Sita meet.It was was best moment in history of Human mankind when Ram SITA meet and Truth Win against Evils in Ramayana.

Hanuman Jayanti is the birth anniversary of Balaji Hanuman. Ram Bhagat Hanuman was a celibate or brahmachari. He could be called an ideal Karma Yogi for his fearless, selfless service, his everlasting humility and his devotion for Shri Ram. Veer Hanuman is the god which remains unaffected by negative energies. Hanuman is considered as the God of Power (Maruti). Also known as Anjaneya, Kesarinandan, Pavanputra, Anjaniputra,Ram Bhagat, Bajrang Bali and Hanumat; In Balaji Darbar Shri Ram Bhagat is the prime deity in many temples known as Hanuman Mandirs or Balaji Darbars. Ram Bhagat Hanuman is loved in almost all of the temples of India. Every temple of Shri Rama contains an idol of Lord Hanuman as every one in world know “ Ram na Milenge hanuman ke Bina ,Hanuman na milenge Shri Ram ke Bina”. Worship of Shri Rama is complete only with the worship of Veer Hanuman. Hanuman Ji statues are mostly painted in saffron (bright red) or sindur as Hanuman ji believe this Sindur will long last shri Ram age as Sita mata too use sindur for Ramji long age. Veer Hanuman is so much innocent and “Bhole” that he himself used sindur over all his body in love for Shri Ram ji. Lord Hanuman is often being worshipped for bringing happiness and prosperity in the every ones family. "Jo Hanumat ko range Siduri Ram Kare sab Itcha Puri".

Reading of Hanuman Chalisa (also known as Hanuman Mantra)each and every day and reciding or reading and chanting regular of Hanuman Chalisa is considered to be the most powerful force on earth, which would drive all evil from inside of a person and help the person to live a happy and prosperous life ahead. As Hanuman is famous as Mangal Kari hanuman so ,on Tuesdays(Mangalvar) and in some cases, Saturdays( because of Sani Dev Love and vardan For Hanuman), many people keep fast in honor of Lord Hanuman and give special offerings such as Lal Langot and Sindur to him. In times of scare and trouble, it is a common belief among Hindu "Jai Shri Ram Bhagat Hanuman”, ”Jai veer Hanuman” , "Bajrangbali Ki Jai" , ”Jai babe Ki”, “jai Sankatmochan hanuman” , “Jai Balaji” , “Jai Vayu putra” , “Jai kesari Nandan” , “Jai anjani putra” , ”Jai bajrangi” ("victory to thy thunderbolt strength"). Hindus lovingly call Him Bajrang Bali. Bajrang means someone whose body is very hard (bajra). Bajra is a dialect of Vajra, which means very hard like iron/spear. One cannot understand Hindu Dharma unless one knows Bhagat Veer Hanuman - the example of servitude.

Ram Bhagat Hanuman is the symbol of Strength , Power, and Energy.

Pavantanaye Sankat Haran, Mangal Moorti Roop; Raam Lakhan Sita Sahit, Hridya Basahu Soor Bhoop.


Jai Shri Ram


Jai Shri Ram


Jai Shri Ram


Jai Shri Ram

Avatars of GOD

Sankatmochan Hanuman & Shri Ram are both avatars of God's.Hanuman is the Avatar of Shiva and Shri Ram is the avatar of Vishnu Bhagwan.


Is Avatar of Shiva God


Shri Ram

Is the Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu


Bhole Shiva

As character of Vanara Hanuman

Shiva and Vishnu have worked together in multiple forms of avatars. But this was the only avatar where God Shiva was Bhagat( in character of Hanuman) of God Vishnu (in Character of God Rama).

God Vishnu

As Character of Shri Rama

God Vishnu have taken avatar of Shri Rama who killed the Evil Ravan , when Evil Ravan took sita mata in lanka. Ram and his sena destroyed lanka and killed Ravan.Veer Balaji Hanuman helped Shri Ram Ji in all fight as he was Ram Param Bhagat.

Jai Shri Ram Bhagat Hanuman

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